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DK's: Animals highlights the lives of approximately two hundred animals—what they devour, what eats them, the place they stay, and the way gigantic they're. From tiny bees to the effective elephant, the animal country is widely known with enjoyable proof and photographs of the tallest, quickest, heaviest, and biggest family and wild animals at the planet.

Catalog entries filled with evidence supply at-a-glance details, whereas locator icons provide instantly recognizable references to help navigation and figuring out, and truth records around off the booklet with enjoyable proof reminiscent of checklist breakers and timelines. each one mini-encyclopedia is stuffed with evidence on topics starting from animals to heritage, automobiles to canines, and from Earth to house and combines a child-friendly format with attractive images and bite-size chunks of textual content that may inspire and tell even the main reluctant readers.

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They are often seen napping under trees. Since they have no natural predators, they are perfectly safe sleeping in the open. 5 m) long diet Large animals, such as zebras, impalas, and buffalos habitat Tropical forests, savanna, and deserts distribution Africa and India Sea otter Leopard The smallest marine mammal, the sea otter lives at sea for most of its life and comes ashore rarely. It feeds on clams, which it breaks open with a stone that it carries around with it. This cat is an adept climber and often spies on its prey from high in trees.

4 m) tall diet Small water animals habitat Freshwater wetlands distribution South America This bird is often spotted looking for snails. Its curved bill has a distinct gap that holds the snails. It cracks open the shells and eats what is inside. size 32–37 in (81–94 cm) long diet Large water snails habitat Mainly wetlands distribution Africa and Madagascar 59 60 | BIRDS Pelicans and gannets Most members of this varied group of waterbirds are ocean-going hunters of fish. They are strong swimmers and the only group of birds with webbing between all four toes.

Ajaia ajaja Eudocimus ruber size 22–24 in (56–61 cm) long diet Crustaceans, amphibians, and fish habitat Wetlands, such as estuaries Bright pink bar on wing size 28–34 in (71–86 cm) tall diet Insects and small fish habitat Shallow coastal waters distribution South America distribution Tropical America Black wing tip STORKS AND HERONS | American bittern Marabou stork Botaurus lentiginosus Leptoptilos crumeniferus Striped plumage makes this heron difficult to spot in its reed home. When alarmed, it raises its head and freezes, making it even more difficult to find.

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