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Short Bones. Where a part of the skeleton is intended for strength and compactness, and its motion is at the same time slight and limited, it is divided into a number of small bones united by ligaments, and the separate bones are short and compressed, such as the bones of the carpus and tarsus. These consist of cancellous tissue covered by a thin crust of compact substance. The patellae also, together with the other sesamoid bones, are by some bones belonging to fibula, — regarded as short bones.

With the shaft takes place in the reverse order to that in which their ossification began, with the exception of the fibula, and appears to be regulated by the direction of the nutrient artery of the bone. Thus, the nutrient arteries of the bones of the arm and forearm are directed toward the elbow, and the epiphyses of the bones forming this joint become united to the shaft before In the lower limb, on the other hand, the nutrient arteries those at the shoulder and wrist. pass in a direction from the knee; that is, upward in the femur, downward in the tibia and fibula; and in them it is observed that the upper epiphysis of the femur and the lower epiphysis of the tibia and fibula become first united to the shaft.

R. 01 ' Its firmly attached to the bone by trabeculfe of fibrous tissue, penetrate the bone at right angles to its surface, and carry is Sharpey's fibres bloodvessels. (Fig. 3), which They do not directly enter the Haversian systems, but only the circumferential Prolongations from some —parts that are formed by periosteal In the extremities of of these vessels reach the Haversian canals, and even the bone marrow. and intermediate Fig. 4. action. lamellje —Transverse section of compact tissue of bone.

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