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The formulation of (1.3), (1.4), (1.5),(1.6) are all wrong!

Can't think it, 4 formulation in first web page are all have blunders. perhaps the writer fell so sleepy whilst he is scripting this booklet!

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5 The subgraph is generated from the original graph by the deletion of a single edge (v2, v3). 13 A path is a collection of neighboring vertices. 14 A graph is connected if for each vertex pair (vi,vj) there is a path from vi to vj. 6 is disconnected. 15 A directed graph is a graph with vertices and edges where each edge has a specific direction relative to each of the vertices. 7. html (7 of 8) [6/22/2003 10:12:26 PM] Algorithms and Data Structures in C++:Algorithms The graph in the figure has G = (V, E) with In a directed graph the edge (vi, vj) is not the same as the edge (vj, vi) when i ≠ j.

TPIPE is the time to flow through the pipe. The calculation of the time complexity sequence to process n inputs yields for a k-stage pipe. html (5 of 6) [6/22/2003 10:12:27 PM] Algorithms and Data Structures in C++:Algorithms In some applications it may not be possible to keep the pipeline full at all times. This can occur when there are dependencies on the output. 7. For this case let us assume that the addition/subtraction operation has been set up as a pipeline. The first statement in the pseudo-code will cause the inputs x and 3 to be input to the pipeline for subtraction.

Appends the line to the subpath. fill close the subpath and fill the area enclosed. newpath create a new path with no current point. showpage displays the page to the output device. The program uses a number of classes in C++ which are derived from one another. This is one of the most powerful concepts in object-oriented programming. 2. html (2 of 3) [6/22/2003 10:12:24 PM] Algorithms and Data Structures in C++:Algorithms In the figure there exists a high-level base class called the graphic context.

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