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By Michael Goodfellow (Eds.)

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Chan, G. , Dingerdissen, J. , Hall, W . , Hoover, J. R. E . , Valenta, J. , W e b b , L. and Snader, K. M. (1985). Aridicins, novel glycopeptide antibiotics. II. Isolation and characterisation. Journal of Antibiotics 38, 561-571. Steinburg, D . A . , Peterson, G. A . , White, R. J. and Maiese, W. M. (1985). The stimulation of bioluminescence in Photobacterium leiognathi as a potential pre-screen for anti-tumour agents. Journal of Antibiotics 38, 1401-1407. Sveshnikova, M. A . , Chormonova, N .

OKAMI A N D K. HOTTA aminoglycosides, anthracyclines, chloramphenicol, /Mactams, macrolides and tetracyclines. Approaches to the search for, and discovery of, new antibiotics are generally based on screening of naturally occurring actinomycetes and on biotechnological manipulation of known antibiotic-producing strains. However, current efforts to find new antibiotics are faced with the difficulty that the probability of discovering them is declining as the number of known antibiotics is increasing.

In the absence of such selective pressure common fast-growing microorganisms overgrow isolation plates. , 1978) and sensitive to NaCl so that they can be isolated on a nutritionally poor medium supplemented with novobiocin as the medium favours their growth SEARCH A N D DISCOVERY OF NEW ANTIBIOTICS 43 T A B L E 2. Antibiotic groups yielded by actinomycetes 0 Organism AG ML # # Streptomycetes Streptomyces 'Rare' actinomycetes Actinomadura Actinoplanes Actinosynnema Ampullariella Dactylosporangium Kibdelosporangium Micromonospora Nocardia Nocardiopsis Pseudonocardia Saccharomonospora Saccharopolyspora Streptosporangium AML BLA # • Antibiotic g r o u p PEP GP A N C # # • # # TC N U C # POL QN # • • • • • • • • • • # • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • aData mainly based on the 1976-86 issues of the Journal of Antibiotics.

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