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What is the geography of the facility? Different security systems are required for a one-room branch bank, a single-building plant containing offices, manufac­ turing, and warehousing, the several highly-sensitive structures within the single perimeter of a nuclear power plant, and a multi-plant corporation that is dispersed among several locations within a city. The question of a single central system versus individual dispersed systems must be addressed for the more complex of these situations, as must communications problems which are not relevant to the smaller problems.

Many system houses are capable of assuming the role of project manager. The Electrical Contractor In some instances the electrical contractor can assume the role of project manager, and in rare instances the mechanical contractor has the capability to do so. Since these organizations are less high technology oriented than, for example, the A & E system house, they will generally require very strong support from the subcontractor who supplies the central control system and its software. THE ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM AS PART OF THE TOTAL SECURITY SYSTEM In reviewing the discussion in this chapter regarding the total security system, it is appropriate to extract those comments which describe the appropriate role of the access control system within the total security system, an example of which is shown in Figure 1-1.

The Project Management Function Another fundamental decision that the management of the facility must make is who will assume the role of system integrator, that is, who will be the general con­ tractor for installing and implementing the total security system. As can be seen by perusing the sixteen different elements of the security supply-side, there is a wide range of disciplines which must be understood and managed by the system integrator. Even eliminating the outside, governmental, and management disci­ plines such as the courts and police, insurance and initial planners, the system integrator will still be responsible for the smooth integration of the following kinds of diverse tasks.

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