Abhidhamma Studies. Buddhist Explorations of Consciousness by Nyanaponika,Bodhi PDF

By Nyanaponika,Bodhi

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The Abhidhamma, the 3rd nice department of early Buddhist educating, expounds a progressive method of philosophical psychology rooted within the dual Buddhist insights of selflessness and established origination. based on the liberative thrust of early Buddhism, the program organizes the complete spectrum of human attention round the poles of Buddhist doctrine - bondage and liberation, Samsara and Nirvana - the start line and the ultimate aim. It thereby maps out, with amazing rigour and precision, the internal panorama of the brain to be crossed in the course of the sensible paintings of Buddhist meditation.

In this publication of groundbreaking essays, Venerable Nyanaponika Thera, one in all our age's ideal exponents of Theravada Buddhism, makes an attempt to penetrate underneath the ambitious face of the Abhidhamma and to make its rules intelligible to the considerate reader of this present day. His element of concentration is the cognizance bankruptcy of the Dhammasangani, the 1st treatise of...

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He holds that the study of Abhidhamma and the practice of meditation must proceed hand in hand. The study of Abhidhamma, at least by way of its fundamental principles, helps to correct misinterpretations of meditative experience and also, in relation to insight meditation, lays bare the phenomena that must be discerned and comprehended in the course of contemplation. Meditation, in turn, brings the Abhidhamma to life and translates its abstract conceptual schemes into living experience. The Abhidhamma itself, he holds, has immense significance for a correct understanding of the Dhamma, for it spells out, with striking thoroughness and precision, the two mutually reinforcing intuitions that lie at the very heart of the Buddha’s enlightenment: the principle of anattā or non-self, and the principle of paṭicca-samuppāda, the dependent origination of all phenomena of existence.

I. Title. 3’824—dc21 97-38780 ISBN 978-0-86171-135-2 5 14 13 12 11 8 7 6 5 4 Cover design by TL. Interior design by Adie Russell. 75. Wisdom Publications’ books are printed on acid-free paper and meet the guidelines for the permanence and durability of the Committee on Production Guidelines for Book Longevity of the Council on Library Resources. Printed in the United States of America. This book was produced with environmental mindfulness. We have elected to print this title on 30% PCW recycled paper.

The Pentad of Sense-Contact 3. The Factors of Absorption 4. The Faculties 5. The Powers 6. The Path Factors 7. The Wholesome Roots 8. The Ways of Action 9. The Guardians of the World 10. The Six Pairs of Qualitative Factors 11. The Helpers 12. The Paired Combination 13. The Last Dyad 14. The Supplementary Factors 15. Gradations of Intensity among Parallel Factors 16. Concluding Remarks V The Problem of Time 1. Time and Consciousness 2. Planes of Time 3. The Concept of the Present in the Abhidhamma 4.

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Abhidhamma Studies. Buddhist Explorations of Consciousness and Time by Nyanaponika,Bodhi

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