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By Abby Whiteside

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Abby Whiteside (1881-1956) built a innovative method of piano strategy, the belief of a "basic rhythm" regarding the full physique that enables scholars to specific the basic emotional rhythm of the tune, in addition to to play with out the danger of the wounds that often afflict pianists. Her rules on piano pedagogy stay crucial this day.

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The arm is connected to the torso by a circular joint with an extraordinary capacity for allowing several things to happen simultaneously. No matter what the movement of the upper arm may be, that movement is integrated with the torso so that the torso is actually a partan associated actionof the upper arm. Even when there is not a horizontal progression, which means a shift of position of the hand along the keyboard, there is a span of time which is related to the progression of the music. This span of time can and should be filled in with activity of the upper arm plus torso, which is the expression of the feeling for a phrase-wise procedure.

For the movements of fast articulation, it is the elbow joint. For the finger, it is the hand knuckle joint; for the thumb, the wrist joint. 13. Pullthe word is accurate to connote the manner in which the energy of the top arm is applied to the key. It is also a word full of good imagery for the application of power to our percussive instrument, for "pull" helps to avoid a bearing-down action with the shoulder girdle. All energy applied by the top arm is delivered through movement which describes an arc of a circle.

A note-wise procedure can cause havoc in the full development of powers. It can slow up the process of learning repertoire, and trespasses on a continuing rhythm. A note-wise procedure ties the music down to a labored progression because it does not automatically highlight important tones; more important, it literally destroys the possibility of developing one's potential gifts for musical perception. Page 6 A note-wise procedure can never produce a phrase of supreme beauty. When there is absolute pitch, a note-wise procedure may intensify all these faultswhich means that it very frequently damages the highly gifted aural learners more than the average talent.

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