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By Ermanno Bencivenga

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In his most up-to-date booklet, Ermanno Bencivenga bargains a stylistically and conceptually fascinating research of the character of language, brain, and personhood and the numerous methods the 3 attach. Bencivenga, probably the most iconoclastic voices to emerge in modern American philosophy, contests the elemental assumptions of analytic (and additionally, to an quantity, postmodern) methods to those issues. His exploration leads via interesting discussions of schooling, braveness, ache, time and background, selfhood, subjectivity and objectivity, truth, evidence, the empirical, strength and transgression, silence, privateness and exposure, and play--all subject matters which are proven to be fundamental to our wondering language. Relentessly bending the foundations, Bencivenga frustrates our expectancies of a "proper" conception of language. He invokes the transgressions of Nietzsche and Wittgenstein whilst he appropriates the aphoristic form of Wittgenstein's Tractatus. Written in a philosophically playful and experimental mode, A concept of Language and brain attracts the reader right into a feel of continuous shock, healing ache, and discovery.

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Harmonious, contented, self-satisfied. The ca(n)nons are turned around and made to fire against "one's own" peoplewho at that point, because of that move, are no longer one's own. 5413It takes a long, roundabout, dialectical journey to go from the morality of Greek tragedies (where gods themselves resent human happinesslook at The Trojan Women, for example, where Athena turns against the Greeks, for specious reasons, as soon as they have finally won the war) to one in which kids are educated to be pleased by the "good fortune" of others.

This whole numbering system is clearly Aristotelian; so there will have to be a reappearance of the same themes in various locations to bring out its limits. 2211Repetition again, this time with a saving character? It all depends, as usual, on who (or what) is being saved. Each conflicting pattern aims at its own repetition, and all these repetitions are in conflict: every one of them will tend to (at least partially) inhibit the others. In the present case we have a hierarchical (Aristotelian) structure incorporating what it can and rejecting all the rest.

41112This point is self-applicable. What is given here is one history of language and mind (one logic of them)the one "I" have chosen, or the one that chose me. There is no way of refuting it by citing "empirical data," since any such data always already Page 10 require a reading (and hence a logic determining that reading). But, of course, there are ways of competing with it, by making alternative proposalsby telling alternative (hi)stories. When that happens, there will be no neutral standpoint from which the issue can be adjudicated, though there will be definite features of each alternative (each will have, say, a certain amount of detail and coherence) that will sometimes (for some) make a difference.

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