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Programming interviews in C++ approximately bushes

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In the example below the trie works for an alphabet of 26 different symbols and the position of each child identifies the current symbol for the inserted string. An example is provided in the image. l) l = new node(); insert__(l->next[i], k, d + 1); } public: Trie() : head(NULL) {}; ~Trie() { deleteTrie__(head); } bool search(Tkey k) { return search__(head, k, 0); } void insert(Tkey k) { insert__(head, k, 0); } }; // end class Trie }; // end namespace Tree #endif 29 Implementing a segment tree Solution Given an , a segment tree allows: a) to find the sum of elements in the range where in time b) To update a specific element such that Segment trees have the following properties Leaf nodes are the elements of an Each internal node represents a merge operation of the leaf nodes.

Top()->right; else root = NULL; } // else } // while } Complexity Time complexity is and space complexity is 5 Implementing a level order visit for a Binary Tree Solution Level order visits can be implemented for all nodes at one level before going to the next level. The idea is very simple. push(tmp->right); } } Complexity Time complexity is and space complexity is . 6 Counting the number of leaves in a tree Solution A solution can be provided by modifying the level order visit where we increment a counter every time we reach a leaf node.

It can be shown that a b-tree of height h with all its nodes completely filled has keys. The height of the B-tree is therefore and this value makes the insert, logarithmically finds and deletes operations in the worst case Search This operation is similar to the one of searching a binary search tree. Starting from the root, the tree is recursively traversed from top to bottom and at each level the search chooses the subtree, which has separation keys on both sides of the search value. The search within a node can be linear or binary.

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