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I believe that the Soviets are responsible for these serious incidents. They represent aid to China; they are to prevent the Japanese from withdrawing their very strong troop contingents from Manchuria to China. With most cordial regards and Heil Hitler, I remain, my dear Herr von Weizsäcker, Yours most respectfully, SCHULENBURG ***** Frames 178376-178378, serial 276 Foreign Office Memorandum BERLIN, June 15, 1939. The Bulgarian minister called on me today and told me confidentially the following: The Soviet Russian Chargé, with whom he had no intimate relations, called on him yesterday without any apparent reason and stayed with him two hours.

Your reports and judgments of the situation are naturally most welcome here at all times. Our inquiries about the return here of the Soviet Russian Ambassador, Merekalov, are only of significance in relation to the future moves at the Kremlin. Heartiest greetings and best wishes. Heil Hitler! Always yours faithfully, WEIZSÄCKER [5] Telegram not printed. Page 10 P. S. Berlin, May 30, 1939. To my lines above I must add that now, with the consent of the Führer, a distinctly limited exchange of views with the Russians will take place by means of a conference which I am to hold today with the Russian Chargé.

950/39g Reference report of June 17, 1939, by a different channel. Subject: conversation with Commissar for Foreign Trade Mikoyan on June 17, 1939. Enclosed I am sending a memorandum of Counselor of Legation Hilger on his conversation with Commissar for Foreign Trade MikoPage 22 yan on June 17, 1939. The fact that Mikoyan received Herr Hilger immediately after his arrival, after an appointment had been made on the day before, shows that Mikoyan is anxious not to lose contact. That Mikoyan would immediately accept the German proposal could hardly be expected considering the mentality of the Soviet Government, which at present is riding a high horse, and its known methods of negotiation.

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