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MPE-FEC sections also have headers with byte numbers so that the RS data table of an MPE-FEC frame can be rebuilt. The headers also bear the number of padding columns in the application data table (if any), as this information must be known to perform the RS decoding. 1). This allows the receiver to check whether a section was correctly received. If all sections pass the check, the receiver can directly turn itself off to save power after it receives the last MPE section (identified by a set “table_boundary” flag in its header), even when MPE-FEC is used, as it has no use for the RS data that follows in the next sections.

3, with the Internet Protocol on top of it at the network layer level. The User Datagram Protocol (UDP)29 is used in the transport layer; Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) cannot be used there as in the interactive network because it needs a return channel, which a system such as DVB-H lacks. The Real-Time Protocol (RTP)30 is used to take care of the real-time synchronous content. At the same level, file-based operations are conducted using a File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport/Asynchronous Layered Coding (FLUTE/ALC)31 data carousel.

The secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP). IETF Request for Comments 3711. 41. Open Mobile Alliance. 2006. Open Mobile Alliance digital rights management specification. 0. 42. Kornfeld, M. and May, G. 2007. DVB-H and IP datacast: Broadcast to handheld devices. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 53:161–70. Chapter 2 An Overview of Digital Video Broadcasting via Satellite Services to Handhelds (DVB-SH) Technology I. ), N. Chuberre, M. Cohen, O. Courseille, Régis Duval, J. Farineau, P. Laine, T.

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1-differentials on 1-cells: a further study by Leader S.

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